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May 20, 2016
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Moving can be tough and time consuming! In today’s day and age it’s hard for most people to find the time to find time to read a book or watch a movie between work, socializing, and taking care of a family, let alone find the time to move; however, it is simply something that must be done! Need to find interstate removalists Melbourne? Bingo! You’ve come to the right place. Here at Cheapest Removalists we understand just how important moving quickly can be, which is why our team of excellent removalists are professional and efficient. In other words, we know how to get the job done quickly! We have even compiled a list of 3 packing hacks to help you save even more time and trouble! Here it is:

1. Bathroom
The bathroom is a good place to start with your packing hacks, just make sure you don’t pack anything you will need before or during the move! To begin with, remove the lids from all creams, sprays, gels, and lotions, placing a layer of cling wrap over the opening before placing the lid back on. Next, put a binder clip on your razors, this will prevent any injuries while packing and unpacking, which in turn will save time. Also, if you are filling a box with a large number of small items, use a garbage bag to line the box. This way, if the box breaks you won’t have to spend time crawling around picking up each item.

2. Bedrooms
Starting with your clothes on coat-hangers, use a zip tie to group together coat-hangers with clothes still on them then wrap them in plastic bags before packing. This will make the set up of your wardrobe at your new place quick and easy! Use pillows and blankets as padding for your fragile items and keep your mattress clean by placing a fitted sheet on both sides of it before it is moved! Linen and towels are also great for wrapping fragile items!

3. Kitchen
Save yourself some time and trouble with protecting plates. Instead of wrapping them in newspaper, place foam plates between each instead! On top of the additional measures used for protecting glasses, putting socks inside glasses also provides great padding! Use pots and pans to store cutlery and finally, ensure you’ve packed everything by leaving each drawer and cupboard open after your have emptied it!

Ready to make the big move and need to do it quickly? Wherever it is you are moving, we can help you organise interstate removalists Melbourne for the cheapest price around! Call Cheapest Removalists today on 1300 299 969, or click here for a quick quote! There’s no time like the present, use these packing hacks and get moving!

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