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October 4, 2012
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Making the call to book budget removalists Melbourne is the easy part; the hard part is the seemingly insurmountable task of cleaning the house after the last box has been packed into the back of the removalist van. To make things easier, we consulted the Internet to find the greatest cleaning tips, tricks and shortcuts for making your cleaning campaign as quick and straightforward as your bond refund. Here are 6 of our favourite:

1. Blinds: no need to take them down. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bucket. Wear an old sock on your hand, dip it in the cleaning solution and drag your hand across the blinds. For even smaller, harder to separate blinds or air vents, wrap an old rag around a butter knife and slip the blade between the blinds to remove hard to reach dust.

2. Cup stains: it’s just as bad leaving water rings from drinking glasses on your brand new furniture as it is leaving them on someone else’s rental furniture. For future reference, invest in coasters! For now, the best way to remove water rings is rumoured to be with a hair dryer. We’re told that holding a hair dryer on high close to the water ring can actually cause it to disappear. It’s best to then recondition the wood with some olive oil or treatment to replenish the dehydrated area.

3. Pet hair: we tend not to notice it so much as we go about our every day lives, but after you’ve called the removalists interstate Melbourne and it’s time to clean up for the new tenants or buyers, it’s best practice to remove the evidence of former four-legged inhabitants. The best way to do this is with a squeegee. Dragging the rubber blade across carpet will cause the cat or dog hair to gather, which can then be easily heaped into a pile and removed.

4. Lampshades: vacuuming lampshades and easy to access light fittings is one solution. For those hard to reach cloth light shades in places like narrow hallways, use a lint roller to remove dust build up, cobwebs and insect remains. This can be quicker and easier than removing the shades, and handy if you don’t have the right vacuum attachment!

5. Ovens: the least favourite place to clean after organising budget removalists Melbourne is the crusty dark cave known as the oven. Break the task down: fill a bowl with half a cup of ammonia and let it sit in the cold oven overnight. The chemicals will break down the hardened residue, making it easy to wipe away the following day.

6. Showerhead: once again, vinegar works a treat. Pour distilled white vinegar into a small plastic bag and secure it over the showerhead with a rubber band or tape. Let the showerhead soak for about an hour before removing the bag and wiping the head to remove excess residue.

With these cleaning tricks to try after removalists interstate Melbourne have done their job, you’ll save time in manual labour, as well as money on overpriced branded cleaning products…And this means more money to splash out on the housewarming!

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