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September 19, 2014
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November 1, 2014
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One of the greatest motivations for attempting urgent removals without a qualified, well-equipped, professional removalist company is saving money. Cheap removalists Sydney however offer unbeatable prices, making stressful DIY interstate moves a thing of the past.

Outsourcing is the more economical and resourceful way of getting things done these days. It involves finding someone who specialises in what you need – someone who can do it faster, cheaper and more efficiently than you. Well, the same applies with removals. Here’s why outsourcing your next local or interstate removals is the way to go:

Finding a removalists with a price beat guarantee will save you more than your knees after a hard couple of days lifting side tables and mahogany desks; it saves you the risk of poorly packaged contents that could result in breakages or even personal injury. Urgent removals can also compromise packing strategy, with the “throw it in an old box and let’s go” approach far too tempting. A professional removalist can provide you with purpose-built packing supplies including boxes, bubble wrap and tape that will keep the process quick, while reducing the risk of breakages and injury.

Cheap removalists Sydney also have all the necessary commercial equipment. A beaten up wheelbarrow, flat-tyred trolley and a few frayed ropes are simply not going to cut it when it comes to moving house. You need the technical knowledge and apparatus of an experienced removalist, whose equipment is well maintained and built to withstand repetitive heavy lifting, and whose heavy-duty packing blankets can protect your furniture while in transit.

Finally, the most preferred reason for hiring a professional removalist is time. You might have two hands, but you’re only one person, and you can only be in one place at any given moment. When the preliminary packing is done, let the removalists take care of the rest so you can make other essential arrangements like utility cancellations, mail redirections, pet transportation and home cleaning services. The removalists can do the lifting and logistics, so you can get on with the administrative side of moving.

So the verdict is in – professional removalists vs. DIY? You simply cannot fail with Cheapest Removalists standard of service and price beat guarantee. We’re not suggesting that attempting a move on your own is impossible, but it’s certainly the more challenging of the two, and if there were a shortcut around the stresses of moving house, you’d take it – wouldn’t you?

From those whose knees have gone before: the heavy lifting and elevated stress levels of DIY moves are just not worth it. Call Cheapest Removalists today for a quick quote and we’ll get your contents on the road, so you can get on with the admin side of moving house.

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