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Moving is a part of life, a stressful part of life! Perhaps one of the most tense parts of moving is making sure your precious belongings don’t become damaged in transit. Glassware and pottery are two things that are damaged most commonly when moving. Don’t stress! At Cheap Removalists we understand how important your belongings are to you, which is why we have compiled a few simple steps to help you keep your glassware and pottery safe. This is our guide to moving glassware and pottery:

Glassware and china
Glassware and china are perhaps the most delicate items in any move. If you want your glassware to survive, you will need to take a few careful measures. To begin, make sure you have suitable boxes. Choose small boxes that are strong enough to hold your items. Wrap each item and ensure there is enough padding between items. Make sure boxes are no heavier than 4kgs and clearly label each as ‘fragile’ and with a ‘this way up marker’. Make sure items can not shift around within the box. If you are hiring removalists, make sure you let them know which boxes contain glassware.

Like glassware, pottery has a high risk of breakage when being moved. Luckily, you can also provide protection for your pottery. Wrap pottery in as much padding as possible. We recommend using bubble wrap and packing tape as the first layer. Old clothes or blankets can be used as an outer later. Try to avoid packing pottery too tightly, as this can actually increase the risk of breakage. Take your time packing pottery properly and make sure you label each box correctly. The more care you take packaging fragile items, the better chance they have at surviving your move intact.

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