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July 7, 2015
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Dining rooms are often full of fragile, valuable, and sentimental items like china, glass, and your favourite pieces of furniture. This is why care must be taken when packing up your dining room. Looking for interstate removals Melbourne? Cheapest Removalists are ready to help you with all of your moving needs. Here is our guide to moving your dining room:

China, glassware, and cups

China and glass are generally very fragile. Ensure you wrap each piece individually, using several sheets of clean tissue paper, as well as bubble wrap. Pack larger items like platters and plates at the bottom of boxes. Cardboard dividers should be used for extra padding between flat items. Try to use cellular dividers for cups, but first ensure they are wrapped in two layers of paper. Don’t overpack boxes, but also ensure there is sufficient cushioning to prevent items from moving around during transit. Always label boxes containing china and glassware as ‘FRAGILE’.


Silver can also be damaged easily. To protect your silverware from being marked, scratched, or dented, ensure you wrap individual pieces in plastic wrap. Use scrunched paper to fill any gaps in boxes. For very large pieces, use cloths or old towels for additional protection.


Remove all lamp shades and light-bulbs from lamps and wrap the bases in newspaper. Do NOT wrap your lamp shades in newspaper, as the ink will cause damage and marking. Instead, wrap lamp shades in several sheets of tissue paper and cover with a cloth or towel. Never pack other items in the same box as lamp shades and ensure you mark their boxes appropriately.

Rugs and furniture

Leave rugs on the floor and let your moving company take care of them! The same applies to furniture! Removalists are experts at handling all types of furniture. Whether it be a delicate coffee table, or a heavy antique mantelpiece. Leave the hard work to the professionals!

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