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With all the exciting new feelings and experiences of meeting someone new comes unchartered territory and the inevitable conversation about when to move in together. Finances, emotions, friends, family and logistics are all considerations, making it a big decision for both parties. If you are your partner are entertaining the idea of moving in together, here’s a checklist to help you make the game-changing decision.

Money matters
When it comes to money, you want to know you can talk to your partner about it honestly. While it’s not necessarily important early on in the relationship to know how much they have in superannuation and what they expect their life insurance payout to be, you will need to have a conversation about budget and what you both expect to pay when it comes to rent, or in the case of buying, mortgage repayments. If you’ve jumped the money hurdle, you’re well on your way to moving in and it’s time to arrange the interstate removalists Melbourne.

The test of travel
We’re not talking about luxury 5-star hotels where the slightest hint of inconvenience or discomfort is quickly rectified by attentive staff. We’re talking about travelling around third world and non-English speaking countries. If you have stood the test of travel and come out the other side alive, you’re often better equipped to make the sacrifices and compromises associated with moving in together.

Social suitability
If your idea of Friday night involves a 12-course degustation menu at a prestigious Michelin starred restaurant, but your partner would rather head to the footy field to support his local team, you could be in for an interesting ride. While it’s important to maintain your own identity, it doesn’t hurt if a few of your hobbies, social activities and even friends are mutual interests. If you don’t like each other’s friends and you’re not game to meet their family, perhaps your social compatibility score needs some work before diving into a yearlong rental agreement.

Double ‘drobes
Having an entire second wardrobe at your partner’s place along with toothbrush and toiletries is usually a good indication you are capable of living in close quarters for extended periods of time, given you haven’t left their place in three weeks. If this is the case, there’s probably no need to continue paying double rent and commuting to your house every time you forget something.

If you’ve arrive at the decision to move in with your partner, but logistics mean following them to their new job in Victoria, interstate removalists Melbourne are just a phone call away. We’re all about happy endings here at Cheapest Removalists, so talk to our staff about how we can have you and your partner in your new love nest in no time.

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