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October 17, 2014
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December 29, 2014
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Just when you thought you had your ASAP furniture removals all figured out and you’re settled into your new place, you get a call from your old dry cleaner asking when you’re coming to pick up your doona that’s been sitting out the back for six months. It’s easy to forget the little things with immediate moves, so here’s a checklist of what not to do to make sure you don’t get half way across the country with that niggling feeling of having forgot something:

Don’t forget about pets
Have you thought about how you’re going to transport your animals? Whether it’s a fish, French bulldog or pet snake, consult your vet to establish a moving plan or discuss re-homing. And remember to keep them locked up somewhere with fresh water when the removalists arrive to keep them safe and calm.

Don’t use old boxes
You’ve got an assortment of different sized cardboard boxes with varying degrees of durability and weather damage – don’t risk it! When your vinyl collection breaks through the bottom of a box and lands on your feet, you’ll wish you would have just had some quality boxes delivered by Cheapest Removalists.

Don’t take off with rentals
DVDs, kids’ library books, white goods, fitness equipment and anything else that doesn’t belong to you needs to be returned to its rightful owner. It’s tempting to just pop it in the back of the van with everything else and ‘deal with it later’, but it will catch up with you when you least expect it, and you don’t want it hanging over your head until then…Nobody wants to get blacklisted!

Don’t forget to cancel subscriptions
Newspapers, magazines, food orders and anything else that gets delivered to your home or office. You might not be there any longer to collect them, but you can be sure that’s not going to stop the providers from collecting your money – unless you tell them you’ve moved!

After covering off on these items, get in touch with Cheapest Removalists and we’ll talk you through an immediate moves preparatory checklist to complete before our ASAP furniture removals team arrive.

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