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July 9, 2014
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Immediate furniture removals leave little time for organization and often involve the infamous one-arm sweep of tabletop contents into poorly packaged cardboard boxes. If this sounds like your interstate furniture removal packing strategy, you may need to employ some serious rearranging and organization techniques after arriving at your new home. Start with this room-by-room guide for getting your home organized after immediate furniture removals:

Purchase a plastic tub from a dollar shop and use it to keep bathroom accessories in one place – hidden under the basin. Take it out when you need it and pop it back under the counter when you’re finished. This makes it easier to clean bathroom surfaces, and the tub can also double for transporting personal effects and cleaning products during the moving to minimise spills and offer easy access for the first night in your new place.

The easiest way to move your hanging wardrobe from A to B without having to remove hangers is to encase the clothes with garbage bags. Divide your wardrobe into manageable sections and use a garbage bag to wrap the clothes from the bottom up, tying the bag at the top with a sturdy rubber band wrapped around the neck of the coat hangers. Clothes can then be placed in a cardboard box or suitcase for easy transport.

Linen Cupboard
If your linen cupboard looks like a sea of unidentifiable blankets and towels, invest in baskets or cane boxes to separate the linen into areas. Linen can be arranged by size (queen bed sheets in one box and singles in another), or by room, so each child knows exactly where to find fresh sheets on washing day.

After immediate furniture removals, take a look at your new bedroom and seek out unused places that could be converted into storage space. If there’s space under the bed, purchase baskets that can act as draws for storing rarely used items like holiday decorations or board games. By installing hook and door hanging organisers over the top of wardrobe and bedroom doors you will also create additional space for towels, scarves, bags and hats.

Start by disposing of duplicates before the move. When you begin unpacking, store frequently used items in easy to access places – preferably at eye level to reduce the need for constantly bending. Heavier items like large pots should be placed low to the ground, and easy to handle items like glasses should be placed in shelves above. Smaller utensils and miscellaneous items can be placed in see-through takeaway containers or glass bottles for easy to find and neat storage.

The most manageable way to approach the unpacking after interstate furniture removals is to ask removalists to place packing boxes in one central location like the living room and unpack one room at a time. Once you’re settled into your new routine and the house is organised for practical everyday use, you can then move onto the decorating!

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