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July 9, 2014
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5 Interesting Moving Stories

OK, so your moving date is creeping up. You have done your research on every removalist possible, found a moving company with reasonable prices and have fairly decent reviews and testimonials. Most of your stuff is packed, dissembled and ready to go. Excited?

You might as well be excited; positivity goes a long way with moving interstate!

Here are some of the funniest and most interesting stories we have heard from our valued customers prior to using Interstate Removals:

  1. Someone was knocking at the door, wait there is a removal truck outside, but wait our move date isn’t until two days away and we haven’t finished packing. I decided to answer the door anyway. Yes, they are early! Except, instead of a young fit built man we have a 65 year old fragile looking man standing at the door. With all due respect he was lovely but our stomach churned when we turned our head to look at our 8 seat modular lounge. Another man got out of the truck, yet he looks like an illegal immigrant who speaks absolutely no English. How do we give him instructions we asked ourselves? With a lot of pointing and grunting this was an interesting day and took hours upon hours but they got there in the end. – Kirsten, Laverton VIC
  1. It was our moving day and the heat was on, I was unable to get hold of the removalist, they haven’t turned up and I needed to be out on the day. I started making phone calls to any removalist I could find that were available to come to the rescue. We came to a solution, thankfully. The funny thing was the original removalists showed up two days later, calling us stating we apologise for the delay due to some mechanical problem. However we were gone. Sounds funny? It happens! So have a plan B. – Vivien, West End QLD
  1. It is tempting to go for the cheapest price of course, when choosing a removal company, however due to our experience it is not the best decision to make. We thought to ourselves, why should we pay more, they all do the same job, what could possibly go wrong? Well in our case, everything! They arrived late, lost and damaged our items, and sure enough didn’t have enough space in the truck to take all of our items. It was a disaster! Now I know why moving is so stressful! I would recommend not going for the cheapest quote. I would say going for a mid-range price would be the safest way to go. You definitely get what you pay for! – Frank, Broadmeadows VIC
  1. I researched my removalists, they seemed friendly and professional. However when it came to delivering my items I didn’t have enough cash and was going to direct debit the remaining amount. They demanded the full amount in cash otherwise they were not going to unload and deliver. They were going to take off and then charge me an additional redelivery fee for the inconvenience. I thought, so much for the friendly service. I went and sorted out the payment do get it over with. The funny part is a few weeks later I met a friend of a friend who used the same company who had around the same amount of items I moved from similar areas. They were charged half the amount I was. I didn’t understand this and this information made me think I would not recommend that particular company to anyone again. – Sally, Southport QLD
  1. When the removalist came to deliver my items I found my clock to be broken. The men didn’t seem to show any concern and just demanded the payment. I started to get upset with receiving no sensitivity from them what so ever. This is the response I received from one of the men, “Ring the office, we did what we could. I don’t care if you want to threaten me, I just came out of jail for beating my wife, hah ring the cops, just pay the money”. I thought this type of response was absurd and felt very offended. I am sure there are nice removalist men out there but this one certainly was not a nice one. – Jennifer, Toorak VIC

As you are probably aware, some of these stories can be funny, until they happen to you. All we can do is recommend you to choose a moving company carefully, such as Interstate Removals who have excellent reviews and testimonials. There is a price for peace of mind, although you may be tempted to spend less just remember if you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys.  Established professional with years of experience is the way to go. There will be less things to go wrong and you will be more confident that, if they do, you will be able to sort them out to your satisfaction.  This will be good to know throughout what is likely to be a stressful process in your busy lifestyle.

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