Urgent ASAP Furniture Removals

Today, furniture removals and moving house are often necessary life events. In most cases, people moving house are able to plan their relocation well in advance. Sometimes however unforeseen circumstances can create the need for urgent furniture removals. If you find yourself in the sticky situation of needing ASAP furniture removals, follow these tips & tricks for getting your gear wrapped and ready for immediate furniture removals:

Moving Supplies
While it’s tempting to reduce, reuse and recycle by wrapping breakables and glassware in newspaper and catalogues, there’s a chance the ink will run. Although it can be easily removed, it adds to the already exhausting list of jobs associated with fast furniture removals. If you don’t want to risk it, skip down to your local craft shop and buy a role of butchers’ paper.

Packing Strategy
Treat your packing boxes like you do your shopping cart: the heavier things go on the bottom to avoid placing too much weight on the more delicate items. Try to avoid having too much empty space when packing too. This creates an opportunity for boxes to collapse in on themselves if heavier furniture is placed on top.

Photograph connections
If you’ve spent the last ten years creating an elaborate surround sound system, or your office is a jungle of cords and connections, it’s helpful to photograph the connections before dismantling them. This will save you a trial and error cable reconnection nightmare in the exhausted aftermath of your urgent removals.

Bits’n’Pieces Box
Where do all the cables, cords and connections go? In the Bits’n’Pieces Box, of course. Keep them together with other loose items like remote controls, screws, bolts, doorstops and other odds and ends from around the house. Label the packing box with a list of contents for easy access and pop in an emergency role of toilet paper: the world’s most versatile product, especially in times of fast furniture removals!

Budget Removals
If you’re moving house on a budget there are options for minimising costs. Dismantle all beds, shelving and fixtures before the furniture removalists arrive. The more you do in advance, the less work there is for the removalists. At Cheapest Removalists we also offer backloading for smaller loads. By using free space in another mover’s load you will reduce not only costs but also carbon emissions caused by furniture removalist trucks on the road.

If you’ve never needed urgent furniture removals before, comparing quotes and services can be overwhelming. The good news is that at Cheapest Removalists we’ll beat any written quote for immediate furniture removals. The sooner you’re all set up in your new home, the sooner you can throw a house warming, so give us a call and let’s get your party started!