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August 21, 2015
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Moving can be a stressful, long, and tedious process, but if planned correctly, you’ll save yourself some time and money. Searching for furniture removalists interstate Melbourne? Look no further, Cheapest Removalists are here to help. Here is our list of common moving mistakes:

Overpacking boxes and packing heavy things in large boxes

Don’t overpack your boxes, not only will they be heavier and more difficult to transport, they’ll also be more likely to break. Try to pack heavy items in small boxes, with heavier items on the bottom and smaller items on top.

Forgetting to measure the space in your new home

Before you even begin packing, or buying new furniture or appliances, ensure you go into your new place and take some measurements. Invest in a tape measure and take down measurements of doorways, fridge nooks, and any spaces where you plan on placing furniture.

Not labelling boxes appropriately

Always ensure you label your boxes correctly. This may include marking boxes as ‘FRAGILE’, ‘THIS WAY UP’, handling instructions, and the types of items within the boxes. Labelling boxes appropriately will not only help your removalists handle your items with care, it will also make things easier for you when you’re unpacking.

Not hiring professional removalists

Many people are tempted to go DIY when it comes to moving. Don’t risk damaging your precious belongings and cause yourself unnecessary stress. If you find yourself a great removalist, they’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. Cheapest Removalists are experts at what they do and will cater to your needs and arrange a contract that will suit your budget.

Bringing unnecessary or unwanted items

Don’t waste your money moving items you no longer want or need. Before moving day, ensure you go through your belongings and separate them into items you want to bring with you and things you don’t. Donating to charity, having a garage sale, or selling things online are all potential options for finding homes for your unwanted items.

Ready to get moving? Don’t put it off any longer! Give Cheapest Removalists a call today on 1300 299 969.

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